What a Website Costs

There are three sets of costs involved in owning a website. These are:

  • Construction Costs
  • Domain Name Costs
  • Hosting Costs

Construction Costs

This is what you pay to have a site built. It is usually a one off charge. (If however you decide to change your site design at any time in the future there is usually an additional charge for that.)

Domain Name Costs

Before you can publish your website on the Internet you have to buy a domain name.

This is your website address and it is used to find your site

For example Web-ink owns the domain name www.web-ink.eu .You might want more than one domain name to protect a brand name, so for example we also own www.web-ink.co.uk because we are a UK company.

You cannot permanently own a domain name. You are only renting it for a certain period of time. Different registries have different rules for how long you can register a domain name for.

  • .au and .co.uk domain names can be registered for two years at a time.
  • .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name, .travel, .us, .co and .nz domain names can be registered for one, two, five or ten year periods.
  • .eu domain names can be registered for a period of one year.

You can extend the registration period by renewing your domain name. If you have bought your domain name through Web-ink or one of our affiliates your domain name is automatically renewed when it expires and you will be invoiced once a year for any domain name renewals that have occurred during the past 12 months.

Hosting Costs

Once you own your domain and have a site ready to publish it has to be stored somewhere. Your site must be hosted on a server that runs 24 hours a day so that anyone using the Internet can see your site when they type in your domain.

This is called hosting, and is usually charged for on a yearly basis.

This is a simple explanation of the basic costs involved in owning a website.