PPC Starter

£65 Starter

Want to give PPC a try but don’t want to spend a lot? Then this could be your answer.

Our £65 starter package is for website owners who want to test the water before deciding on a full PPC campaign. The package includes:

  1. Setting up a campaign with one ad group containing two ads based on your chosen keyword*.
  2. Running the campaign for one week with a daily budget set at £3.
  3. Preparing and sending out a report based on the 7 days on which the ads were run.
  4. Assessing the outcome and advising the client on possible future strategy.

This will allow a website owner to see how running ads affects the business and whether it would be worthwhile to continue. It must be noted however that this is a short period to run any campaign and therefore the results cannot be taken as definitive over a longer period. The more time a campaign runs the more data is collected and therefore the more useful this becomes for determining future strategy.

*(We recommend that our clients do some basic Keyword Research before starting any PPC ad campaign although we undertake to run a campaign using any words chosen by the client.)